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connecting latin america to its past and future

The Domonos project is a collection of 100 hand-drawn pieces minted as NFTs CREATED BY ARTIST MIKY Fábrega and brought to life by house of attention. 

Proceeds from each NFT sale will go to VITAL VOICES, an NGO instrumental in mentoring young girls, and SURGE, a female-led ORGANIZATION FOCUSED ON ONBOARDING THE NEXT GENERATION OF WOMEN INTO WEB3.

Once the initial 100 Domonos pieces are sold, the Domonos Project, with the help of ONETRIBE, will acquire 100 hectares of Panamanian Rainforest to offset the project’s footprint.



Vital Voices promotes education, health and equitable access to opportunities for women in pursuit of social transformation.

Image by Kyle Cleveland

one tribe

OneTribe is a Certified B Corporation focused on sustainable offsetting programs that helping businesses leave a positive mark on the planet.



SURGE is an organization focused on introducing women to the technical capabilities of Web3 and its potential as a vehicle for the future.

each Domonos NFT is a special piece of LATIN AMERICAN digital art history.

HOA 156.jpg

"Growing up, everything seemed to me like any other kid’s life. In hindsight I realize how magic and tragic my childhood was. All of these memories, all of these colors and brands and bands, everything that made me who I am today, is amalgamated in these 100 images. This is the Domonos collection." -Miky Fábrega

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