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domonos celebrates diversity and advocates for minority voices in the nft and crypto world.

proceeds from each sale will support voces vitales de panama, a non-profit organization supporting underprivileged girls and women in latin america and in the spanish speaking us. domonos will also support surge, a female led ORGANIZATION FOCUSED ON ONBOARDING THE NEXT GENERATION OF WOMEN INTO WEB3.



As an owner you will help create 10 Solidity scholarships, teaching underprivileged latin girls how to write in the language of the future, powered by SURGE DAO. WHAT IS SOLIDITY?


You will be the sponsor of a group of girls tutored by Vital Voices in the country of your choosing.


Once we hit 100 Domonos sales, the Domonos Project, with the help of ONETRIBE, will acquire 100 hectares of Panamanian Rainforest to offset the project’s footprint and protect the landscape for generations to come.


June 2022


august 2022

Start of the Vital Voices / Domonos Mentorship Program

December 2022

Selections for the SURGE Solidity Scholarship winners

January 2023

Engage One Tribe in the purchase of the land in the Jungle of Darien and carbon project initiatives. 

february 2023

First annual Domonos Conference, Island of Contadora, Panama

Vital Voices

The Vital Voices Global Partnership is a global non-profit founded by Hilary Clinton and Madeline Albright. The group promotes education, health and equitable access to opportunities for women in pursuit of social transformation. Vital Voices Panama works to transform and empower women in Panama, turning them into agents of political, economic and social change. Learn More


Billed as a “crypto-native talent pool of badass women building Web3,” Surge’s work focuses on addressing the gender imbalances in the emerging world of crypto. Their goal is to simplify the technical capabilities of Web3 and open the doors to its potential, bridging the gap between the crypto-native and the mainstream. Learn More

one tribe

OneTribe is a Certified B Corporation focused on sustainable offsetting programs that helping businesses leave a positive mark on the planet. Donations will be distributed to various carbon projects and indigenous tribes to protect their CO2 reducing rainforests. All donations are certified and are transferred to carbon reduction projects. Learn More

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