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I grew up in Panama in the 1980s. It was a bloody time for our nation. Riots every day. Police shooting rubber bullets at kids in the streets. People just…disappearing.


I remember because I was there. In the midst of it all we’d watch the new cable networks like MTV, ESPN and WGN from Chicago. Watching TV in English, listening to Rush and Iron Maiden while our country floundered under a brutal dictator, it all seemed super normal.


Growing up, everything seemed to me like any other kid’s life. In hindsight I realize how magic and tragic my childhood was. All of these memories, all of these colors and brands and bands, everything that made me who I am today, is amalgamated in these 100 images. This is the Domonos collection.

ABOUT miky Fábrega 

With 20 years of experience, more than 200 group shows and twelve solo exhibitions around the world, Miky Fábrega is much more than an artist. Using his reach he has co-developed Diablo Rosso, one of the top Latin American art galleries, and spearheaded other projects aimed at bolstering emerging Central American creators. He is a Creative Director at his firm, NEOLOGY, and at House of Attention, a tech-based cultural and creative IP company that connects IRL with URL. Fábrega is an Aspen Institute Fellow and philantropist who uses Creativity as a tool for education and social change.


ABOUT The Artwork 

Throughout the Domonos collection the artist hand is present; this was an intentional choice that is meant to juxtapose the projects final digital existence. These perceived flaws of slight texture and color variation allow Miky to be seen throughout the creation process. The characters are light hearted, playful representation of memories and impressions from a complicated time. Small riffs and sketches of early naming visually disrupt what could be a squeaky clean digital illustration. Domonos are not meant to be perfect.   

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